Mango Queen | 日タイマンゴーの"マンゴークイーン"
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Mango Queen?

This is a Miracle Mango (5 kinds) that Daichi Farm took 30 years to cross-species Mango from Japan and Thailand and cultivated it.

Online Store

We now launched online sales for 2018 new species, “Daichi no Takara” and “Daichi no Miyami”. They will be delivered individuals only in Thailand.

Owner System

You can become an owner of 3 species of mango tree from MANGO QUEEN. Events such as agricultural activity, mango picking tour etc. are also scheduled to be held.



Our mango plantation located in Chom Thong, Chiang Mai where the subtropical sun shines and the water underground is rich in minerals. The sprinklers set on each mango tree pump the water up from 1,000 meters below.